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The Atom Ant Show

Weekdays at 12:30pm | 11:30c, Saturday at 4pm | 3c

Possessed of super strength and the ability to fly, Atom Ant was no ordinary insect. Whenever law enforcement agencies faced a problem they couldn't handle, they turned to him for help.

Next Airings

Jul 12th 12:30pm ET

Bully For Atom Ant/The Bird Watcher/My Fair Hillbilly

Atom Ant mentors a bullfighter striving to win his love's hand in marriage; Precious guards Mrs. Brown's bird from an intruding cat; Maw enrolls ill-mannered Paw in a gentleman school.

Jul 13th 4:00pm ET

Termighty Mean/Pup, Skip and Jump/Rickety-Rockety-Raccoon

When professor Von Gimmick's super termite, Godzilla, gets loose, Atom Ant comes to the rescue; a ruthless conductor separates Precious from Granny during a train ride; an egg-stealing raccoon stirs Paw's ire.

Jul 15th 12:30pm ET

Go West, Young Ant/Oliver Twisted/Rabbit Rumble

Atom Ant tries to strike a truce between two warring ant colonies; on vacation in London, Precious gets entangled with a pack of pickpocket dogs; Paw and Shag hunt down some rabbit for dinner.

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