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Marine Boy

Weeknights at 1:30am | 12c, Sunday at 4am | 3c

Marine Boy can breathe underwater using oxygum. With jet boots and help from his dolphin friend, he explores the ocean's depths, having adventures.

Next Airings

Jul 13th 1:30am ET

The Terrifying Icebergs

Marine Boy and P-1 are sent to investigate the disappearance of ships at the North Pole, apparently due to icebergs.

Jul 15th 4:00am ET

Attack Of the Robot Spiders

Marine Boy and his racer, Carrier Fish, are trapped by robot sea spiders who spin webs and encircle them.

Jul 15th 4:30am ET

The Great Bomb Robbery

Thieves capture Hugh Highstep, the ballet instructor, and the dolphin ballerina, Twinklefin, after the dolphin accidentally takes a miniature bomb that Squidink wants for himself.

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