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Scooby-Doo! Sunday Specials

Sunday at 3pm | 2c

Zoinks! The Scooby Gang goes in search of more mysteries, more snacks and more fun in a variety of Scooby Doo! animated series and specials.

Next Airings

Sunday, July 7th

3:00PM ET

"The gang is invited by their friend Jonathan Winters to spend a relaxing weekend at his farm. However, the farm turns out to be haunted by an evil scarecrow. "

4:00PM ET

"Don Knotts mistakenly suspects the kids of foul play."

Sunday, July 14th

3:00PM ET

"Scooby and the gang accompany comedienne Phyllis Diller to an old mansion for a séance, held by the famed psychic Madame Zokar. "

4:00PM ET

"The gang are asked by actress Sandy Duncan to investigate the mysterious appearance of a wolf-like creature on the set of her new film. "

Sunday, July 21st

3:00PM ET

"Scooby and the gang team up with singers Sonny and Cher to investigate the haunting of their hotel, the Hideaway Hotel. "

4:00PM ET

"Scooby and the gang visit Juneberry to help Officer Don Knotts to solve a fiendish mystery involving a ghostly fog. "

Sunday, July 28th

3:00PM ET

"Two bumbling bellhops help the kids investigate Bigfoot!"

4:00PM ET

"The gang team up with the Three Stooges to capture the ghost of the Red Baron, who is scaring away local crop-dusting pilots. "

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