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Speed Racer

Weeknights at 1am | 12c, Sunday at 3am | 2c

Young driver, Speed Racer, aspires to be champion of the racing world with the help of his family and his high-tech Mach 5 automobile.

Next Airings

Jul 13th 1:00am ET

Desperate Desert Race, The (Part 1)

Speed boards a plane to participate in a race across the desert. However, a bomb is planted in the plane and destroys a racer’s car. Speed tries to clear his name.

Jul 15th 3:00am ET

Secret Engine, The (Part 1)

Speed tries to help a kind old man to find his stolen car. It turns out that the man is a son of a once infamous gang boss, and the classic car he drives has a map a stash of treasure.

Jul 15th 3:30am ET

Secret Engine, The (Part 2)

Speed and the old man are captured by Blaggard, the boss of a gang. Speed fights back against the thugs and discovers where the treasure is hidden and offers Blaggard a deal.

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