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The Mask

Weeknights at 2am | 1c, Saturday at 3pm | 2c & 1am | 12c

A man finds a mystical mask that allows the wearer to make all sorts of unusual things happen.

Next Airings

Jul 13th 2:00am ET

Flight as a Feather

The Mask loses his lucky fedora feather before a karaoke contest, sending him on a wild hunt through the city.

Jul 13th 3:00pm ET

Baby's Wild Ride

When Stanley reluctantly agrees to baby-sit for his neighbours, the mask somehow gets on Baby's face, producing Baby Mask. Baby Mask races away on a high-speed ice cream eating binge with both Stanley and Lt. Kellaway in pursuit.

Jul 14th 1:00am ET

Good, the Bad and the Fish Guy, The

When the villainous Fish Guy returns and steals the mask, Stanley has to team up with another villain.

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