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The Underdog Show

Weekdays at 9am | 8c & 12:30am | 11:30c, Saturday at 12pm | 11c, Sunday at 11am | 10c

The adventures of a rhyming canine superhero. 

Next Airings

Jul 14th 11:00am ET

Drawn by the Magnet Men (Part 1), Paris Pursuit, Cuckoo Combat, Stuporman (Muscle Boundler), and Drawn by the Magnet Men (Part 2)

It was the first day of the exciting National Olympics. Thousands of people were present to witness the events... and millions more were watching at home on their TV sets, with Sweet Polly Purebred, ace TV reporter, bringing them the news.

Jul 15th 9:00am ET

Simon says, “No Thanksgiving” (Part 1), The Candy Mine, Gatling Gophers, The Big Freeze, and Simon says, “No Thanksgiving” (Part 2)

The city was calm for no one knew what was going on in the laboratory of Simon Barsinister.

Jul 16th 12:30am ET

Batty Man (Part 3), Thanks to the Gophers, Football By Hex, Double Trouble, Canned Camera, and Batty Man (Part 4)

Now that I have found you Underdog, I can carry out my diabolical scheme. Nothing can stop me from stealing all the gold in Fort Knox!

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