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Mel Blanc once got out of a parking ticket because he was Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny saved Blanc from a hefty fine.

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While celebrities certainly aren't too keen about being mobbed by fans or peppered with invasive questions by reporters, no one can deny that there's a certain set of perks that come along with being famous.

When you're a celebrity, there are simply certain doors that are open to you, opportunities, and little joys that are afforded to you, simply because of the joy that you bring to the public. 

This isn't limited to the ultra-famous stars of live-action television, either. As a voice actor, Mel Blanc had achieved a level of fame previously unheard of by other voice actors.

Blanc provided the voice to so many iconic cartoon characters of the past that viewers and fans alike couldn't help but love him because they associated him so deeply with the joys of their childhood.

Strangely enough, much like Bugs Bunny, who manages to cleverly and comedically maneuver his way out of dire circumstances at every turn, Blanc was fortunate enough to seemingly bear that same ability.

According to Blanc's memoir, That's Not All Folks!, the voice actor claimed that once, Bugs Bunny even got him out of a parking ticket.

"Some years ago I was driving on Interstate 10 near Tucson when a policeman pulled me over," Blanc said. "The car, a brand new Rolls-Royce, handled so smoothly that I hadn't even realized I was speeding."

"The officer peered down at my license, then at my face. 'Are you the Mel Blanc?' he asked warily," Blanc continued.

In reply, Blanc answered the officer in the voice of Bugs Bunny, and the tension between the two immediately dissipated.

"His face broke out in a grin," Blanc said. "'Well, I guess I'm going to have to let you off with a warning.' he said. 'My kids would never forgive me if I gave a ticket to Bugs Bunny!'"

The moral of the story is, that when confronted with a speeding ticket, you should probably try to show off your best Looney Tunes impression.

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