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Are these Tom and Jerry cartoons or songs about cats?

Do you know the difference between “The Cat Concerto” and “Year of the Cat”?

 Warner Brothers

There are many great songs about cats (or at least songs that mention cats in the title). Of course, most Tom and Jerry cartoons also have feline-centric names. Put them all together and it may be harder to tell the difference than you think.

We’ve compiled both kitten-themed tunes and Tom and Jerry titles. Can you tell which ones are cat songs and which are cartoons?

  1. The Bowling Alley-Cat
  2. Cat Scratch Fever
  3. The Cat Concerto
  4. Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog
  5. Year of the Cat
  6. The Million Dollar Cat
  7. Look What the Cat Dragged In
  8. All Cats Are Grey
  9. Salt Water Tabby
  10. Cue Ball Cat
  11. Me and My Friend the Cat
  12. Sufferin’ Cat
  13. Pads, Paws, and Claws
  14. Cat’s in the Cradle
  15. Posse Cat
  16. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  17. Cat Napping
  18. Mean Eyed Cat
  19. Switchin’ Kitten
  20. Blue Cat Blues

Are these Tom and Jerry cartoons or songs about cats?

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