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The Tom and Jerry Show

Weekdays at 5pm | 4c, Sunday at 8am | 7c

Tom, Jerry, Droopy Dog and many other classic MGM theatrical cartoon stars.  The work of Tex Avery, Hanna Barbera and other top Hollywood animators are featured.

Next Airings

Jul 12th 5:00pm ET

Puttin' On the Dog - 1944

Tom chases Jerry right into a dog pound, so he puts on a dog disguise.

Slap-happy Lion - 1947

A lion’s fall from king of the beasts to being tormented and driven crazy by a mouse who narrates the tale.

Deputy Droopy - 1955

Droopy does his best to stop two villains trying to steal gold from a safe in the Sheriff's office.

Touché, Pussy Cat! - 1954

Jerry must train a young mouse to earn the title of mouseketeer despite the efforts of Tom to stop it.

Early Bird Dood It - 1942

The worm enlists a cat to get rid of the bird chasing him but the bird turns out to be too smart for the cat.

Timid Tabby - 1957

Tom's fraidy cat cousin comes for a visit and Jerry takes advantage of the cowardly feline.

Jul 14th 8:00am ET

Flying Cat - 1952

Batty Baseball - 1944

Out Foxed - 1949

Royal Cat Nap - 1958

Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdinger - 1940

Jerry Jerry Quite Contrary - 1966

Jul 15th 5:00pm ET

Filet-meow - 1966

Tale of the Vienna Woods - 1934

The Fishing Bear - 1940

Posse Cat - 1954

Good Will to Men - 1955

Pet Peeve - 1954

Jul 16th 5:00pm ET

Flying Sorceress - 1956

Magical Maestro - 1952

Mutts About Racing - 1958

Downhearted Duckling - 1954

Car of Tomorrow - 1951

Cobs and Robbers - 1953

Happy Go Ducky - 1958

Jul 17th 5:00pm ET

Tom's Photo Finish - 1957

The Goose Goes South - 1941

Bear That Couldn't Sleep - 1939

Hic Cup Pup - 1954

Dance of the Weed - 1941

Designs On Jerry - 1955

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