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ALF: The Animated Series

Saturday at 6am | 5c

ALF: The Animated Series is an animated spin-off television series of the original ALF series.

Next Airings

Jul 13th 6:30am ET

Pismo and the Orbit Gyro

The Orbit Gyro needs its regular maintenance, but it results in its main operator, a robot named Pismo, having a few screws loose.

Jul 20th 6:00am ET

20,000 Years in Driving School

After getting "Gooped" on the highway, Gordon Shumway has his driver's license revoked and must attend driving school to regain it.

Jul 20th 6:30am ET

Pride of the Shumways

Gordon is the star player for the Orbit Guard Bouillabaisse-ball team, but a blow to the head renders him amnesiac, putting him out of the game and his little brother Curtis in.

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