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Challenge of the GoBots

Saturday at 4am | 3c

>Gobots are loosely based on the Tonka toy line. There are two warring factions: the Gaurdians, lead by the charismatic Leader-1, and the Renegades, lead by Cy-Kill, who is bent on dominating Gobotron and then the Earth and the galaxy.

Next Airings

Jul 14th 4:30am ET

Time Wars

In an attempt to take over the Earth by traveling into the past, the Renegades accidentally go back to ancient Rome and are mistaken for gods.

Jul 21st 4:00am ET

It's The Thought That Counts

Cy-Kill re-programs Scooter, making him into a suicide bomber aimed at UNECOM's headquarters.

Jul 21st 4:30am ET

Trident's Triple Threat

The Renegades gain an ally in Trident, a cybernetic/human mix who takes the worlds' leaders hostage.

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