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Popeye and Pals

Weekdays at 3pm | 2c

Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl and all his seafaring friends star in these original theatrical cartoons from the genius of Max Fleischer.  Included are Betty Boop and Bimbo shorts.

Next Airings

Jul 12th 3:00pm ET

A Haul in One - 1956

Olive makes the mistake of hiring Popeye and Bluto to move her furniture.

Let’s Get Movin’ - 1936

Olive Oyl is moving and Popeye shows up to help.

The Grizzly Golfer

While golfing in the Ozarks, Magoo mistakes a grizzley bear for his caddy.

Child Psykolojiky - 1941

Popeye and Poopdeck Pappy disagree on how Swee'pea should be raised.

Grampy’s Indoor Outing - 1936

A thunderstorm stops Betty Boop and Little Jimmy from going to the carnival, so Grampy comes up with a solution.


An ice-man’s horse returns to his show-biz roots and becomes a star on television.

Moving Aweigh - 1944

Popeye and Shorty try to help Olive but stir up trouble with the police instead.

Jul 15th 3:00pm ET

Popeye Meets William Tell - 1949

Insect to Injury - 1956

Magoo Beats The Heat

Hot Air Aces - 1949

We Did It - 1936

Punchy De Leon

Lumberjack and Jill - 1949

Jul 16th 3:00pm ET

Olive’s Boithday Presink - 1941

I Yam Love Sick - 1938

Barefaced Flatfoot

Happy Birthdaze - 1943

Is My Palm Read - 1933

All’s Fair At the Fair - 1947

Jul 17th 3:00pm ET

Robin Hood-winked - 1948

Doing Impossikible Stunts - 1940

Captains Outrageous

Wood-peckin’ - 1943

Betty Boop’s Rise to Fame - 1934

The Anvil Chorus Girl - 1944

Jul 18th 3:00pm ET

Nix on Hypnotricks - 1941

Rodeo Romeo - 1946

Sloppy Jalopy

The Mighty Navy - 1941

Judge for a Day - 1935

Mess Production - 1945

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