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Cartoon All-Stars

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The biggest names in classic cartoons get the animation spotlight in these best-of collections featuring beloved cartoon favorites from the golden age of Hollywood animation include shorts from Warner Bros, MGM studios, Columbia, Fleischer and others.

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Jul 13th 10:00pm ET

Wacky Wabbit - 1942

Elmer Fudd is prospecting for gold in the desert by digging holes across the landscape and throwing a stick of dynamite in every one. But every time, Bugs Bunny throws it back at him.

Robin-hoodwinked - 1958

Jerry and his little mouse friend must find a way to get past Tom and free Robin Hood from prison.

We're On Our Way to Rio - 1944

Popeye and Bluto travel to Rio where they meet Olive.

Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur - 1939

The episode takes us far back billions of years to the dinosaur age with Caspar Caveman and his pet dinosaur, Fido. Caspar spots Daffy in a lake and hunts him, but Daffy just keeps outsmarting him.

Casper Comes to Clown - 1951

Casper befriends a bear cub and teaches him a balancing act.

The Reluctant Recruit - 1971

Woody unknowingly joins the Foreign Legion, thinking he's signing up for a free vacation.

Jul 15th 1:00pm ET

Bully for Bugs - 1953

Flirty Birdy

Merry Minstrel Magoo

Porky Pig's Feat - 1943

Ground Hog Play - 1956

Ace in the Hole - 1942

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