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Totally Tooned In

Sunday at 12am | 11c

A 1999 anthology series showcasing a collection of Columbia/UPA cartoons including Mr. Magoo, The Fox and The Crow, Gerald McBoing-Boing and many others.

Next Airings

Jul 8th 2:30am ET

Magoo's Caine Mutiny/Scary Crows/Little Match Girl

Magoo mistakes a robber for a pet dog./Sparky chases crows who want to steal his corn./Hans Christian Anderson's sober tale of an orphan girl's dream of heaven.

Jul 15th 12:00am ET

Calling Dr. Magoo/Picnic Panic/Flora

Trying to visit a sick friend, Magoo mistakes an ocean liner for the hospital./Tito and Rosita trade Burrito for a used car and go on a picnic near a volcano./In this "film noir" parody, a derelict dog tells of his obsession with a Siamese cat.

Jul 15th 12:30am ET

Woodman Spare That Tree/Magoo's Puddle Jumper/Georgie And The Dragon

Fox wants to chop Crow's home tree down./Magoo buys a used electric car and takes Waldo on an underwater detour./A Scottish boy adopts a mischevious pet Dragon.

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