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Yogi's Space Race

Weekdays at 12pm | 11c, Saturday at 4:30pm | 3:30c

Yogi Bear and his friends enter a race to different galaxies in space, but must battle a variety of space creatures out to see that they don't finish the race.

Next Airings

Jul 12th 12:00pm ET

The Saturn 500

In a race around the rings of Saturn, Yogi, and friends encounter the dreaded Abominable Ice Man, the ferocious Snow Bear, and the man-eating Goobly people.

Jul 13th 4:30pm ET

The Neptune 9000

The racers compete in a soggy contest around the oceans of the planet Neptune.

Jul 15th 12:00pm ET

The Pongo Planet

Phantom Phink forms an evil alliance with Medusa, Queen of the Space People.

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