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Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Weeknights at 4:30am | 3:30c

2068, the indestructible Captain Scarlet leads the agents of Spectrum in a war of nerves against the Mysterons from Mars.

Next Airings

Jul 13th 4:30am ET

Model Spy

The Mysterons target a fashion designer who is also the secret controller of the European Area Intelligence Service.

Jul 16th 4:30am ET

Seek and Destroy

When the Mysterons threaten to kill one of the Angels, Scarlet and Blue are sent to Paris to escort Destiny back to Cloudbase.

Jul 17th 4:30am ET

Renegade Rocket

The Mysterons engineer the launch of a Variable Geometry Rocket from Base Concord and their agent, Major Reeves, escapes with the destruct mechanism and target information.

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