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In the year 2065, the Tracy family run International Rescue - a top-secret organization whose ongoing mission is to rescue people trapped in extraordinarily dangerous situations using their advanced Thunderbirds machines.

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Jul 13th 3:00am ET

The Mighty Atom

The Hood takes a special interest in the technology being used to run atomic irrigation plants around the world. His first attempt at stealing the technology leads to an atomic explosion. His second attempt using newly acquired spy equipment proves more successful but he decides to take everything a further step and try to steal the secret technology used by International Rescue

Jul 16th 3:00am ET

City of Fire

The world's largest skyscraper "Thompson Tower" is opened amid great fan fare and excitement. Two miles high and containing 12 hotels, it has space for 10,000 cars. A fire breaking out in the basement of the building quickly turns into a major disaster and International Rescue a called begin trying to save the people trapped in the building

Jul 17th 3:00am ET

The Impostors

When IR is framed, the organization's intelligence network must clear its name before the Tracys are arrested responding to a distress call they cannot ignore.

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