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Yogi's Galaxy Goof-Ups

Weekdays at 12pm | 11c, Saturday at 4:30pm | 3:30c

The Galaxy Guardians—a.k.a. the "Galaxy Goof-ups"—consisted of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quack-Up and Scare Bear as space patrolmen under the leadership of Captain Snerdley; the four of them always goofed up while on duty, and spent most of their time in disco clubs.

Next Airings

Jul 29th 12:00pm ET

The Purloined Princess

Zangra, the most evil villainess in the galaxy, plots to stop the gallant Goofups.

Jul 30th 12:00pm ET

The Defective Protectives

The bumbling Goofups thwart the villainous Space Spider's plan to capture General Bullhorn.

Jul 31st 12:00pm ET

Whose Zoo?

Zagar, a big-game hunter from outer space, captures the Goofups for his collection of zoo creatures.

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