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Mel Blanc was so dedicated to his craft he went to a pig farm to get the voice of Porky right
There is one sure-fire way to know what a pig sounds like, and Mel Blanc wasn't afraid to get a little dirty for this 'Looney Tunes' voice!
The co-creators of Scooby-Doo wrote together before they ever met
Ken Spears and Joe Ruby passed away just months apart.
Daws Butler's sons helped him become Elroy Jetson
The actor's four sons were integral in his journey playing the youngest Jetson.
6 Looney Tunes characters that Mel Blanc somehow only voiced once
These characters still proved memorable even if they were one and done.
George Lucas and Star Wars had a hand in keeping classic Looney Tunes alive
The Duck Dodgers sequel was meant to show before a blockbuster sequel.
Was Mel Blanc allergic to carrots?
Blanc is still known for his carrot-chomping creation, Bugs Bunny. We fact-check an urban legend that claims the voice actor was risking his health for those scenes.
7 live-action moments that were snuck into classic cartoons
Errol Flynn appeared alongside Bugs Bunny!
Jean Vander Pyl said that the great part of The Flintstones was that it ''wasn't too cartoony''
How The Flintstones managed to keep things honest, despite being a cartoon.
Bugs Bunny fans taught Mel Blanc how to appreciate children
When you're in charge of being the voice to over 1,000 cartoon characters, one being Bugs Bunny, kids are going to know you.
The Flintstones was a Jurassic-sized risk
The show was a massive risk for Hanna-Barbera productions.
Sammy Lerner: Popeye's forgotten lyricist
You know the words, but do you know who wrote them?
Mel Blanc revealed the secrets of making a great cartoon
Blanc breaks down the production process.
Did you ever sing the lullaby in this famous Flintstones episode to your little lambs?
Ann-Margret singing Pebbles to sleep as Ann-Margrock can work for you, too.
Mel Blanc once shared his favorite cartoon of all time
Not only was it his favorite Looney Tune, but it featured his favorite character!
Mel Blanc kept joke note cards in his wallet
A barrel full of laughs and a wallet full of jokes.
Alan Reed took some time to warm up to Mel Blanc
Reed and Blanc weren't "Barney and Fred" close...at first.
Before he became Popeye, Jack Mercer's parents didn't want him to go into show business
Mercer's folks had misgivings, but he was confident in himself.
Children sent Mel Blanc carrots while he was recovering from his car accident in the hospital
Children sent letters addressed to Bugs Bunny during Blanc's recuperation.
9 live-action '80s movies that got cartoon TV adaptations
These cartoons were tubular, radical, and even wicked! And some featured actors from The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days!
Jack Mercer had to re-audition for the role of Popeye for Hanna-Barbera
"I never thought of doing Popeye any other way. It's just natural to me."
5 things you never knew about Tom and Jerry cartoons
Two decades before The Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera made animation history with the cat and mouse.
Joe Barbera said that Barney Rubble was ''a prehistoric Art Carney''
Plus, how Barbera convinced Mel Blanc to join the cast of The Flintstones.

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